Saturday, November 7, 2009

Who eats a debit card...seriously.

So I went downtown to the Barclays atm to try and finally get money..

The bank people were completely unhelpful and told me that there was nothing they could do. Now usually I am pretty chill in situations like these (...obviously it'll get worked out fine, there are bigger problems in the world), but I really just had a minor breakdown.
I havent' really been upset in a long time so it was about time this happened. Just the combination of being overwhelmed with schoolwork, only having 6 weeks left here, still having 6 left week here (ya there's a difference between the two..), being exhausted physically, wanting to be home to support my fam, missing home friends, and having no access to any money in a foreign country just wore me down.
Anyways, I walked back from downtown the long way and decided to skip going to the gym (at least for right now). I was not feeling the idea of being yelled at by some core-fitness instructor.
So nowww I'm at the library..the best *free* way to make use of my time right now. Getting this philosophy paper done by tomorrow is my goal. Having that out of the way will probably make a lot of things feel better.

Skype date with Olga later :) Just what I need

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