Monday, November 16, 2009

Do Work

Basically my life now consists of going on wild adventures and doing massive amounts of schoolwork in between. I'm currently in that "in between" phase.

Yesterday was a Sunday. That's really the best way to describe it. Relaxing, productive, easygoing. I didn't set my alarm but still woke up pretty early, ate breakfast, and got to work on my Immunology paper. I went to the gym midafternoon for a short run followed by the core workout class. I go to this class a couple times a week and there are 3-4 instructors that rotate around. I'm at the point that I know how good or bad the class will be just by seeing the guy when i first walk in. There is one particular instructor who kicks our ass. He has one arm and I seriously think he tries to compensate for that by having the strongest core body in Ireland. Anyways, I am quite sore today from that.
After the gym I checked mail to find A PACKAGE FROM HOME!

I strongly stand by the statement that I have the greatest parents on the planet. Whenever I have an issue they're always more than willing to help me get it resolved when it's hard for me to do it on my own (like when i'm in a foreign country). And not only do they help me with that, but they go way above an beyond! I was expecting only to get my new debit card in an envelope, but they also loaded up the package with all these quirky/autumnish things because they knew I was kinda homesick a few weeks ago when I needed my new card sent over. I especially like the turkey mask (?) and glamor shot of Bode. Thanks mom and pop. :)
After getting this, I immediately went downtown to take out some much needed cash (I've been cashless for 2 weeks!) so that I could pay back a few of my debts and go grocery shopping. I always love the half hour walk to downtown Belfast. Lots to seee
I came back home and did some minor work on my paper before heading over to Patricks for dinner and a movie. We made a a bomb Chicken Tikka dish with stir fried veggies and rice. This was paired with the new Pear Magners, which is great! I'm not sure about the US, but it is really popular here in Belfast. I had been reluctant to try it because I thought it would just be fruity, sweet, and weird but it ended up being really tasty and refreshing, especially along side the flavorful Indian food. After we watched Lucky Number Sleven. It was a pretty sweet movie, just the kind that I was in the mood for.
So yep today I woke up bright and early for 7am spinning, went to my classes, and now I'm back in my room to get some serious work done. This is the current state of my desk and probably will be until i leave:

So the weather has been overall pretty good here for the past week or so but today it definitely came to an end. High speed winds and torrential freezing rain. I'm so happy to be back in my room and in sweatpants. I have no plan to leave this little jailcell for the rest of the night thank you

I'm going to Galway/Claddugh/the Cliffs of Moher this weekend on a personal Irish adventure. It was supposed to be last weekend but I put it off until I got my new debit card. yay!

Jack and Dad went to see Bob Dylan last night in Boston. jealous.

My airplane to the US leaves in 5 weeks from today. Happy Monday!

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