Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas time is here

Good morning! err well afternoon. it's 1:42 and I finally decided to get out of bed. yesterday was Swedish Anna's 22 birthday! We went out for a fun evening that turned into morning at the Limelight club/pub and it was a great time. good music/good atmosphere/good people. anyways rewind on the day

the morning was pretty standard. classes>library>lunch>class. I FINALLY turned in my philosophy paper on utilitarianism, and I'm so glad that's its finally out of my hands. After class I hurried downtown so that French Anna and I could find Swedish Anna the perfect gift. This was no easy task. We went in store after store after store and everything was either too cheap and not good enough or crazy expensive. We were close to giving up when we finally found the PERFECT necklace at house of fraser (a store Macys). We also got her a package of Lindt truffles to top it off. Job well done.
Shopping yesterday was particularly fun because ITS CHRISTMAS TIME IN EUROPE! Since they don't have Thanksgiving to break up the holiday season between Halloween and Christmas, all the festivities and decorations go into full swing in mid November. Seee
I love the holidays.
To top it off, yesterday was the kickoff of the Christmas Continental Market in Belfast! Cooooolest market ever. The square in front of the City Hall is jampacked with dozens of stalls that look like little Swiss chalets. The sell every kind of food or gift you could dream of. I'll let the pictures do the talking.
Thats the city hall with its big adorable Be Festive sign. Oh yes, and at night the city hall is decorated with the craziest lights ever.
Nuts! I got hungry and got a little sleeve of almonds to snack on. mmmmmmmm.
Santa is creeping on the macaroon man.
um yeah. this is a local brewery that has set up a bar in a tent. inside is really intimate with lots of christmas lights and dark wooden tables
havent had this yet, but apparently its a holiday favorite
and then saving the best for last
cool! they also have alligator. i am very excited. i was heading to the gym after this so i didnt eat, but i'll definitely be going back

she loved the necklace
and then we went out! but not before pregamming with some gaga in the hallway.

ooo lala.

ok now time to do some serious work. i'm going to galway for the weekend with JENN tomorrow-Sunday.
OH YA, i also booked my thanksgiving trip to london. :)

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