Sunday, October 18, 2009

sunday mornin rain is fallin

what a great weekend its been. the weather held out for another perfect day yesterday, but all good things must come to an end:It was good seeing ya sunshine. Come back again soon.
Anyways, woke up semi early this morning (930ish), and went for a run! I've had a pretty bad cough all week so I haven't been able to do much cardio without hacking up a lung since the hike last weekend. I ran the long way to the gym, about 2 miles, then did a little while longer on the treadmill and did some other stuff to finish up. Now I'm back at home in my PJs for a little bit before hitting up the library. There seems to be a lot of fuss about the brilliance of oatmeal and all the glorious things that can be done with it, so for brunch I cooked up THIS:

Packet of quaker oats, skim milk, chopped up apple, half a banana, spoonful of almond butter, and 2 tablespoons of flakseed. This could be one of the greatest breakfasts I've ever enjoyed, especially after a workout on a cold rainy Sunday morning like this. I am excited to wake up tomorrow morning just to eat it again. mm.

So yesterday was another great one. After about 11 hours of solid sleep on Friday night, the Annas and I strolled downtown to check out St. George's Market. This place is probably my favorite things about the city of Belfast. On Fridays it's a vegetable farmers market/flea market, and on Saturdays it's more of a local artisans/bakers/wineries/cheese/salads/craftsmen/farmers market. There are tons and tons of tables set up filled with both local and exotic dishes and treats. You can also find just about any cheese you could imagine.

I had heard GREAT things about what some of the guys there could do with crepes, so Anna, Anna, and I headed over to one of those stands. There was so many different kinds, that it took us a while to decide
Finally, Anna (France) ended up with an egg ham & cheese, Anna (Sweden) went for the infamous Nutella (MmmmmmmMMm) and banana, and I had the shaved chicken breast with pesto and cheese. there are no words to describe how incredibly delicious that thing was. See you next Saturday handsome crepe man.

We stuck around a little while longer, while I found the ingredients for a salad I'm gonna make later. Then the three of us went home and took long naps for the rest of the afternoong.

Last night, me Laura (Belgium) and Rachel (Australia) went to the Waterfront Hall to see the poets Seamus Heaney and Michael Longley do poetry readings while being accompanied by the Ulster Orchestra. I was overwhelmed by how beautiful it was, as I went in not knowing what to expect. The Ulster Orchestra would play a movement from a classical piece, and the Seamus and Michael would each read a poem that they had written having to do with different themes: love, nature, war, death. It was very very cool.

Being the person that I am, I lost my phone for a portion of the night. UGH I didn't even have Oktoberfest as an excuse this time. Anyways, after calling it excessively with Laura's phone, FINALLY the cab driver from earlier in the night picked up!! He ended up coming to pick us up at the end of the performance and returned my missing phone to me :) He didn't even charge us for the ride home because he thought I was a straight up idiot. Sometimes it pays to be an idiot.

Ended up the night with a party of International students. When I got home, I skyped Marie and friends at the Belgian Beerfest in Boston!!! It was so good to hear people's voices. Marie then went on to be a technological genius andtexted a bunch of pics from the beerfest to my email. It was great feeling that close to home for a bit. I miss home friends a lot despite how much fun I'm having here. Hope you all had a fun evening. :)

AH im running late, I was supposed to meet Anna and Anna 5 minutes ago for a fun filled day at the library. Peace all

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  1. WOW those oats look very Jenna inspired (and very delicious). Can you bring a crepe home, I want to try that. And nice pic insert :)