Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Bloody Sunday

clocks changed! and that means im exhausted...and its 8pm. It's okay though, I only have a few papers to read then I can hit the hay for a good nights sleep.

Today was very cool. I'm still pretty down about all the news at home, but I'm still here and have to make the most of it. I wish I could be home with my family now, but I know my family is great at keeping their head above water and making the most of the good life. I couldn't help but think about all the things that I wish they could see while I'm actually living here during my walk downtown this morning, but it'll just have to be postponed.
This is what it's all about no matter where we are in the world :)
So anyways, today Anna (Sweden), Dominika (Germany), and I took a bus out to (London)derry. I actually have no idea what I should call it. This is the town where the troubles really went down (aside from Belfast). Today the effects of the troubles are still very obvious, as the town is decorated with passionate murals and split up by many stone walls and gates. The name of the town even depends on who you ask. Sunday Bloody Sunday was written about a shooting that occurred in this town in '72.
It's really quite eerie walking through these areas. I always feel extremely uncomfortable taking pictures of the murals since they're so emotional. However I feel they are a really good thing to capture, seeing as their purpose is to document what happened for future generations to see.
Here are a few examples:
First we went to the Derry (primarily Irish/Catholic) segment

Not only were there murals about the Northern Ireland conflict, but there were many dedicated to other struggles for peace all around the world. Even the United States was represented:

My favorite mural in the Derry area was the peace dove..mostly because of how much I like the symbol (hence my one and only tattoo). I was actually really excited to see this one because this was the design I wish I had gotten on my ankle, but thought of it too late. I do still love mine, but this one is just a really cool version
We then went onward to the other part of town. As we walked over the wind started to really pick up, and a freezing misty wet mess brought a damper to the afternoon. However, it did feel kind of appropriate to see these eerie places with such gloomy weather.

Not all of L'Derry was gloominess. It was actually a very cute Irish town decorated with brightly painted doors, cozy pubs, and small local shops. Seeing as it was Sunday, the entire town was pretty much shut down, but we did do a pretty significant walking tour. Lovely day for a Guinness (even though I actually just had tea because it was freezing.) :)

In other news,
Last night I did laundry at around 11 at night. Not just a little bit of laundry but like everything. Sheets, underwear, clothes, towels, the works. Just to find out the dryers were all broken. So last night my room was somewhat of a fortress, kind of like a tent that little kids would make out of cushions and sheets during a slumber party. I took pictures and I was going to put them up...but i realized there is no picture that doesn't have my underwear hanging off some doorknob or door frame or bed post, so none of that. This is a PG blog god damn it.

Anyways, go patriots. WHY on earth did I not try harder to make it to London tonight for the game. I've never even been to a Pats game in America, so this was my chance. not only was it New England vs Tampa (hometown pride), but it was probably cheaper for me to fly to London then it would be for me to drive and park at Gillette, AND my favorite ref of all time was there. ugh. next time this happens, ill be there.

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