Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lá breithe mhaith agat!

Good mornin! It is December the 8th, and that means I am now a whole year older!

Time certainly has flown since the 21st birthday extravaganza.

It's currently 8:15 in the morning and I'm getting ready for the day. You know it's going to be a good day when it starts with oatmeal and presents :)
Oatmeal was 1 packet Quaker oats cooked w/ skim milk, cut up small apple, chopped banana, couple spoonfuls greek nonfat yogurt, pumpkin & flax seed, spoonfull of peanut butter. i am SO full from it. power breakfast.

So yes, I opened the gifts from the family, and they were great :) very cute. They sent over socks (because i never wear them hence why I CANT STOP BEING SICK), the PS I love you soundtracl (???? was my reaction too but then i realized the movie is set in ireland, haha cute), bracelets, a cool scarf from this craft shop in peteborough, LOTS of swan chocolates, and some shepard fairey OBEY stickers to litter Belfast with before I go. Jack also sent over an arrowhead that he picked up while working in Bryce Canyon this past fall, so cool!
I also got an envelope w/ some cash (already converted to UK pounds! my parents are the greatest), so instead of my afternoon classes I"m going shopping downtown :)
The wine and cheese club is having a black tie holiday gala next week so I'll go find me a new dress or something awooo

then tonight anna anna and i are going to see Lily Allen in Dublin! I don't know much of her stuff but I've been listening to her more and more lately cause she's huge here. I dig a lot of her stuff so I'm pumped. And look! She has a whole song called 22. hot damn.

I couldn't embed the real music video, but this gets the point across :)

So yea! I'm off to Genetics now (yeaaa i'll actually go to one class today...).
Do I look different?!
THEN (circa 1993?):
NOW (literally right now on the webcam. gotta keep this accurate):
OH YA. And I got this greatest beer stained bar napkin birthday card in the whole world from my fabulous friends back home. Miss you guys :) 13 days left in Ireland, holy cow.

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