Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Day in the Life

This has been a crazy last couple days. Between getting all the final work done, celebrating, and farewells-there is definitely a lot i could write about. but not right now. this post'll be dedicated to every normal day in Belfast that I never thought was worth writing much about.
SO HERE WE GOOO. welcome to my walking tour from rowan 1 (my glamorous student housing) to the spankin new queens university library.
so here is stop number 1: my building.
I live on the third floor (referred to as the second floor in this foreign land). It is what it is- freshman housing, but I have my own bathroom and a comfy bed so no complaints from this girl.
Next door to my building is the bar for our dorm housing. seriously, if only stetson west had a bar on the first floor. imagine the possibilities....
Next stop! reception! now the tours getting really exciting. this is where i go when I lose my key and get locked out of my room. if you lose your key 20 times a semester they charge you. let's just saying im pushing the limits on that one...two more days to keep that puppy in my sight.
okay, we are now exiting my student accomdation. ooo eeee. This is the fancy shmancy entrance to Elms Village (where i live.) located on beautiful malone road. mm yep.
Now this tour is just gonna get CRAZY. welcome to the spar gas station. roughly 30 second walk down the road from the entrance to Elms. This is where we grocery shop when we're too lazy to go to the real store. They actually have a ton of stuff- vegetables, baking stuff, cheese, milk, etc. told ya this tour was gonna get crazy.
Walking right along...welcome to Grant House. This is the international student housing right down the road from Elms. I don't really remember my reasoning for wanting to live in Elms instead. Whatevs
After this it's smooth sailing right to campus...well, after another 10 minute walk. lalala strolling down Malone road. this is the point where I realize I'm probably going to be late for class

Now we are at this place. I dont really know what it is, but it is SCARY. We live in a pretty nice part of Belfast with lots of big houses, but this one located right on the main road is all cemented up. eeekFisherwick church! This is about the halfway point to campus. Turning right on this road brings me to the gym while going straight heads right to classes and the library. straight we go.
Belfast is big on its club paraphernalia and chalk advertisements. exhibit A:
I've never been to Rain, but I guess according to this it is pretty gay so I'll pass.
Now we are pretty much on campus. This is the post office where I send all of you your postcards and presents. That is the bank that I opened a bank account in and never used ever. And that is some church that I've never paid much attention to. Best tourguide ever.
We can now bang a right into the Botanic Gardens for a scenic shortcut to the library. Sorry about that garbage truck thing.
In the gardens is the Ulster Museum, full of Belfast and county Antrim history. I've heard it's pretty good but I've never been in. Maybe today I'll check it out. probably not.
la de da, walking through the garden
hark! the library (straight on)! While to the left is the big green house in the botanic gardens. I've never been in here either. I actually do wanna check this out though. So pictures from here to come

And there's a lovely field across from the green house where people chill when it's not cold or raining (so like never.)
Now the fun ends. Library time. It's actually a really sweet library, just opened this past summer. There's a restaurant/cafe on the first floor and this scary statue out front. i HATE it. I have seriously had nightmares with this thing in it.
Thennn when I'm done doing my thang at the library, I walk through the campus to go to classes or back home. This is the Lanyon building courtyard. My philosophy lecture was next to this
After finishing all the school stuff, I usually take a different way home (up Lisburn road) to mix things up. This is also where I buy veggies/groceries/etc

Eatwell is the greatest store ever. but expensive :(
The best part of Lisburn road is the view past the shops and houses:
oh hai ireland.
so yep, that is my daily route. Nothing too exciting, but this is my travel jounral so I guess talking about how I get to campus in a foreign country is a legitimate thing to record.

So tomorrow is my last day. oof!
I'll update tomorrow about this past weekend and my packing progress

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